Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Dark SIde

Been M.I.A for the longest time and I am keeping a dark promise to myself to continue to provide you with endless fun, educational and inspiring pictures of my fun and exciting life. (exaggeration) But really, I feel like I fell off oh my ishh and now I want to be back and at it. Sooooo, to start it back up, I gave you a new name The Blonder Days, a new layout, and some cool ass shoes. If I could give you more, I would but this is all I have right now and I am sticking to it. These Y.R.U platform cheetah sneaks from Karmaloop are literally god, on my feet. Felt pretty bad ass so I through on my leathaaa pants, a ripped tee, my Rachel Roy vest, and a lollipop to tie in. Kewl. ✌

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